Erbitux and Tarceva rash help is here

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I know there is a physician in Chicago that is becoming very well known at Northwestern hospital that specializes in the treatment of these rashes. He leads the research and the special clinic there called the SERIES clinic that treats these reactions....

Call or e mail him asap
His contact information is below:

Mario E Lacouture, MD
Department of Dermatology
Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center
Northwestern University
645 North Michigan Suite 520
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone : 312-695-8106


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    Can you give us an e-mail address for Dr. Lacouture? Trying to reach him by telephone would probably prove difficult, with his busy schedule, and writing by snail mail would be excrusciatingly slow. Thanks.
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    unknown said:

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    Dr. Lacouture would be more than happy to help out as much as he can. His e mail is

    Try and reach him there if you can!