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Hello all.
don't you just hate when you write a long post and you hit the wrong button and it disappears !!!
Anyways yesterday I had my cat scan . Boy was I a nervous wreak !!! Plus stupid me when I made my dr. appt. a month ago I made it for the week after the scan !! I told my dr. I cant wait a week for my results I'll go insane !! He told me not to worry he would call me before that . Well wouldn't you know I waited all day yesterday and all day today with no phone call .I was thinking all kinds of things.... he's busy , its bad news ,Well he FINALLY called ...and although I still have my liver lesions . He said that they have decreased in size . he didnt have measurements for me yet .But by looking he said it was quite a decrease . with no spread to other organs (yippie)
For music lover... I am stage 4 diagnosed Nov 05 with liver mets (large ones) I have not had any surgery as of yet (SO I AM NOT A SEMI COLON)
When I was first diagnosed . I was put through the ringer scoped upper and lower . port placed and chemo the same day all this within a week .
most of my pain was emotional. I didnt eat and didnt want to talk to anyone . I needed time to wrap my brain around the whole thing . I weighed 97 pounds the day I started chemo . Once I started chemo and they got me on the right nausea drugs I started to finally get hungry . The good news is that I am responding to the chemo . I know your friend will reach this point once he 1. recovers from being put through the ringer .2 works things out within. maybe a antidepressant . 3. get treatment started . My thoughts and prayers are with him and all of you everyday. Thank you for all of your support .


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    Yippee! Great news Debra!
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    what great news. keep on kicking that cancer's butt.

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    I'm so happy to hear that! Thoughts and prayers are still with you.
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    jerseysue said:

    I'm so happy to hear that! Thoughts and prayers are still with you.

    Hi Deb....or should I say Debra....some gals get a little touchy if yah shorten their! good to hear that you got thru that with some results that can at least ease your mind a keep fightin gal.
    Are you still packin or are you in the states now? Hows tha chances of meeting you in april?
    Be cool, be well.....and stay safe, Ross n Jen
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    Great news! I know it is nerve wracking just waiting for the results. I always figure (in my case) no news is good news - the doctor always calls earlier if the news is bad!

    Keep up the good work. Good luck with your move to SA.

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    Debra, I'm so happy to hear good news from you. Congrats and I hope things continue to be positive for you.

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    Wonderful results..keep fighting, my thoughts are with you..Audrey
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    jenalynet said:

    Wonderful results..keep fighting, my thoughts are with you..Audrey

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers .
    But most of all thank you for your friendship and support .
    Yes Kanga you can call me Deb . All my friends do !!!! Just don't call me Debbie .My family all call me Debbie and I just can't seem to get them to stop . I use to like it till one day I was in the store and seen a box of kotex with the name little Debbie's . and its a good thing I am moving to San Antonio instead of Dallas !!!
    I will be in San Antonio April 3rd and still hoping to make the palooza. I am looking forward to meeting all of you !!!!!