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I just wanted to share some thoughts that might be pertinent to other survivors. I always took good care of myself before being diagnosed with rectal cancer at the age of 36. I ran almost every day, did not smoke, drank only moderatly and ate healthy foods. I felt so ripped off when I was diagnosed with cancer, like why did I bother to even try! Well, 7 plus years later and disease free, I am now harvesting some of the fruits of that lifestyle. At age 43 I still run 5-6 miles almost every day, ride my ike, lift weights, eat as healthy as I can and enjoy my personal life with abandon! Other that cancer check-ups I have not even had to see a regular Dr. since my diagnosis over 7 years ago! My blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are all beneficiaries of my lifestyle. It was not always easy to live a positive lifestyle post-cancer. But excercise did make me feel like I was doing something good for my body, and helped me sleep at night. I should add that I take a baby aspirin each day...probably not a bad idea for colon cancer candidates. Anyway, I want to encourage each and every one of you, whether just diagnosed, fighting cancer, or surviving with its memory, to continue to live an active and positive life. We can't all run...but we can all extend a little bit and do more than we would imagine. Keep the faith survivors...WE are the strongest people on the face of this earth!


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    Thanks again, Runner, for an encouraging and uplifting posts. Yes, survivors are a breed of our own.

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    Hi Runnerz,

    Thanks for the great post! I have changed my lifestyle since being dx in Dec 2005. Hopefully this is not too late for me. The good thing is that I am also doing more to change my childrens lifestyle. I'm am doing it a little bit at a time because you know how kids can fight change. The biggest thing for us is eating healthier and I hate to say it but Cancer opened my eyes. You are an inspiration.

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    Thank You! I don't think this can be emphasized enough! I thought that I ate a pretty reasonable diet pre-cancer, but the more I have learned since going through this experience the more I realize that I really did not have that great of a diet and I did a lot of things wrong! Every positive change we can make does have a cumulative effect. One thing that is rarely discussed is the power of a healthy lifestyle in preventing recurrences. I strongly believe in this and I hope everyone here will try just that little bit harder to do what they can every day to stay healthy. It is really a one day at a time effort!
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    Runner - thanks for the encouragement. I am working on a better lifestyle and it is great to hear such positive words of encouragement and such a positive story.

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    Yup, it is a mind, body and soul connection -- and collaboration. It takes great intention to continue to not just live, but to thrive inspite of odds and hiccups and roadblocks on our paths. Cancer certainly does not make me any more special than any other person -- on this site or off. It just allows me to accept changes and to work with more conviction to create a happy life for myself and for those with whom I have contact. All the best and thank you for a good post - Maura
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    thanks runner,
    you are right !!!!
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    I was one of those athletic people who did "everything right" also. Then I was diagnosed. What a shock. I am fighting a recurrence in my pelvic area. I am on chemo to shrink the small tumors. I still go to the gym a few days a week and work out, but I am so tired. Like you said, Runner, I try to live a positive and active life. Your post is so true...exercise helps so much along with a positive aoutlook on life. There is so much to live for. We truly are the strongest people on the face of this earth!!! Incredible words for incredible people. Thank you for your uplifting and reflecting post. Blessings!!! Terri
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    ROCK ON, Runner!
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    What a great attitude!!!!!! My dh also did not smoke drank moderately and was very fit. Unfortunately he has stage iv rectal cancer with mets to liver, lungs, pelvis and bone, but he still tries his best to have a bit of exercise. I think it enables him to have some control over his life. Although his exercise is limited to either a walking frame or pushing himself in a wheelchair (albeit for a very limited time) he has a great sense of achievement from still being able to do something physical for himself. A positive attitude is the most powerful drug of them all.