PT-11, 5-FU and Avastin side effects

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Hi everybody!!!
Because we talk about everything related to chemo and side effects, has anyone had problems with constipation with these drugs? I was expecting the opposite!!! Talk about being backed up!! Ouch!!! Fiber seems to make it worse. Just wondering. It is nice to be able to talk to people without being shy. You know..body functions and noise. Talk about noise!!! Very scary. My cats jumped in the air!!! I have to laugh because if I don't I could easily cry over these bizarre side effects. Thanks. Bless you all dear semi-colons!!! Terri


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    Options is CPT-11.
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    CPT-11 stops me up for at least 2-3 days. When I was on CPT-11 and 5-FU, I was normal with a little diarrhea. When I only took CPT-11 - I didn't poop for days. I found drinking soup and hot drinks helps a little.

    Talk to the onc or nurses for advice. Fiber may help as well, maybe you weren't taking enough? Call the onc.

    Good luck. jana
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    I definitely had constipation and gas. I never did have diarrhea the entire time of my chemo &avastin. I didn't take the CPT-11 but did the 5FU & Avastin. I'm still taking the avastin and I'm still blocked up as well!! My colon dr. prescribed glycolax(sp?) which helps some. I tried adding more fiber but it hasn't helped yet!
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    Hi Terri:

    Cats jumping in the air - I know exactly what you mean. When my husband finally woke up from his colonoscopy, his fanfare started, my cats and I were jumping in the air :)

    I read somewhere that constipation can be due to the same peripheral neuropathy which plagues so many of us. You see the nerves that make our colons squish and wiggle also belong to the peripheral nervous system.

    Have you tried walking - that usually shakes thing loose for me :) What about prune juice - that stuff really gets me going every time :) I agree with Jana - call your onc, they probably have some stronger brew. I'll check around some more for you.

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    My husband has constipation from his pain meds and he has gotten to learn how to control it with stool softeners(you cannot really overdo it with them) and with sennakot (that keeps the lazy colon moving) and pericolace(like a combo of the two). Every day he just adjusts according to the day. You should definitely talk to your doc cause you should not be dealing with constipation--it will cause so many other problems if it is not controlled. Good luck,,,,,hope this helps.
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    Loads of green vegetables, cabbage, spinach, brocolli, kale and carrot and apple juiced, does the trick for me.

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    Hi Terri,

    I had the same problem with the folfox when I was on the chemo. I was drinking warm prune juice. That kind of helped. The fiber didn't help at all. I was so worried because I thought I would have the diareha which I did get after I was off the 5FU pump. Good luck and don't let it get too bad. Good vibes your way!!

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    I had major problems for months with this too. What I did was to take 2 senecote (sp?) when I got home from treatment. Then I would also eat Gerber's first foods prunes, they have a lot of fiber. I would drink more fluids plus I started making fresh juice with a juicer. I'd mix apples, pears, carrots, spinach (pretty much anything) and drink that in the morning. I also ate less (I figured less in, less out) It cut my constipation from 4-5 days to about 1 day. I also took Donnatal (prescription for cramps) and Gas-Ex (over the counter)
    I hope this helps like it did for me.
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    I wasn't back up but I was running to the restroom all the time. I have got a case of hemmoroids now. I have to sit in warm water with salt in it. The week I have the pump is the worse and I only have 3 more to go and I am standing on the word of God, things will be okay. The nurse told me to use a stool softener to help with the 'roids.