ONE LEFT!!!!!!

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Yeah! I'm just through the 2nd to last chemo treatment!!!! I had to share. One more, then a rest, radiation, then I AM DONE!!!!! This may not seem like big news to most, but I have been in treatment for 1 1/2 years, first for colon cancer and now breast. By last count, I have been infused with 5 different chemicals, 3 surgeries, 25 days of radiation, one blue breast (from the node stuff). Oh, and 2 gorgeous (SP?) surgeons, 25 wonderful residents, 5 great roommates in hospital, the count goes on. So, Im dancing today....the sun is shinning!


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    Congrats!! It is a good feeling coming to the end of treatments.Keep shining!!
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    Great.... I know when I got close to the end of my chemo... it was a tremendous releif... I still had radiation to do ... but that was so easy. I did my last radiation on the day before Valentines day and I just came back from a Cruise... my way of celebrating life after treatment....

    Enjoy life..... Your enegy will return soon....
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    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing. You make me feel like a whine for complaining about 10 months of treatment.

    Do remember to take care of yourself during radiation. You have been through a lot. I tried to resume my life once chemo was over. Big mistake. No one warned me how tiring radiation can be. I was far more tired and ill than I anticipated.
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    Hi Kathi!
    This is awesome news!! I am so happy for you!! News like this brightens my day! Thank you for sharing :-)
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    You go girl!!!! What incredible info. My prayers and thoughts are with you!!! A semi colon...Terri