CT scan this thurs

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Hi again. Well, my marvelous recovery continues. I am feeling so good. Thank goodness.

I have a CT scan schedule this Thurs to check my right lung tumor.... the last CT looked really good. My surgeon thinks he may be able to preserve the right upper lung. (please oh please).

One of the side effect from taking erbitux (also took avastin and CPT-11) is wearing off. I developed facial hair and thicker hair all over my body. The facial hair is a peach fuzz all over my face and my eyelashes became so dark and long and thick. BUT, my scalp hair continued to thin!! Not fair! Back to my story, just last night I noticed my facial fuzz is disappearing. This is wonderful because I don't like having facial hair, but now I am worried about the chemo's tumor affects. AND NOW I AM NERVOUS ABOUT MY NEXT SCAN, darn it!

Just needed to share my distress. Thanks for listening. Send the special thought and prayers my way.... I think I may need them.



  • Kanort
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    Hi Jana,

    It's so good to hear that you continue to feel so well. I think that's a sign that your CT scan will continue to show that the chemo is working.

    Thanks for sharing your story and your fears. I will continue to pray for complete healing for you. I BELIEVE it will happen!


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    Hi Jana,

    I saw you just a week ago and I didn't think you needed a "shave". Ha! You looked beautiful as usual. I'm glad you are shedding some of your winter growth. I am hoping I don't have to go on Erbitux now....I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for clean scans after my radiation is complete.

    Take care and I'll talk to you and hopefully see you next week.


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    Jana, Your courage and strength makes you more beautiful than any movie star or model! I'm so glad that you are feeling good, don't start worrying now! Enjoy the high! And, as far as your scalp hair, I'm COMPLETELY bald. And, for a gal like me that's wierd (2 years ago before this started I had 14" of thick, long chestnut hair.). Prayers are already sent...
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    What can I say to my brave, dear friend that she doesn't hear in her ears already. I agree with the others about knowing and feeling inside that you are kicking the **** cells ****. I know you are and hope you do too!!!!!!!

    FYI.......I could go on for hours about the signs of my skin, hair, and other body things that have changed since I stopped chemo.The best of which is no increase in tumors, size or number at all!!!!! quite the opposite actually.

    I hope you know that I am there with you!!!!

    Lisa P.
  • crazylady
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    Hi Jana,
    I'm glad you're feeling well. I think it's really normal to be nervous about scans. I know I'm nervous just thinking about them.
    I'm sending positive energy and prayers your way and hoping that your scans are great!
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    My prayers and thoughts are with you for good news. By the way, I am thinning like crazy from CPT-11 ( I am also on avastin). Oh well...we are here and kickin'. Chemo is weird. Terri
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    Jana -

    Wishing you the best. I know how worried you must be. I am currently NED, and my onc has told me she wants me to be "more worried about NOT being treated than about the disease". I am certainly there! And I start a series of tests at NIH next week - which as the NIH physician told me, MIGHT turn up something that has not previously shown up. That's hugely scary. But, I'd rather know and get into a clinical trial than just be ignorant. So off we go to the races. March has turned out to be a stressful month for me!

    Good luck Jana - I will be thinking of you and wishing you well.

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    Good luck with your scan. I will be thinking about you and rooting for you.

  • kangatoo
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    Moesimo said:

    Good luck with your scan. I will be thinking about you and rooting for you.


    Jana.....I have this feeling gal that everything will be ok....and we really have a great deal of anticipation for next month...to see you when we come visit!
    So you will get those results you are looking for Jana....so you will be well enough for us tah hugg yah!
    Wishing you the very best thursday, luv Ross n Jen
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    Jana, Your spirit is awesome. I'll be adding my prayers and positive thoughts to the stream. (My teenage daughter pointed out my facial hair in a stage whisper at a service...good news is it went away after the initial growth and stayed away!) Best of luck with the scan, stay strong. Judy
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    It has been a while since I was on CSN. I hope your scan went very well. I am eager to hear the progress.
    I too had scan yesterday. and an MRI. I am clear. There continues to be a weird perfusion area in the liver on CT but MRI was clear so we go with that. I treated myself to a new pair of jeans. And we go for another success in three months!!!
    Write soon