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Hi everyone. I am stage 4 rectal cancer with mets to my liver.. I went into hospital Tuesday for my laproscopic low enterial recection and arrived home today around noon. I am so happy to have this part over with and hope I will have no complications as everything went great. I feel great and will now heal and get worknig on the liver mets..I am so pleased with my surgeon and I had all faith in him. My thoughts and prayers to everyone..Audrey


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    Hi Audrey!
    I am glad everything is looking great for you. My prayers and thoughts to you for continued good health and good news! Terri
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    hi audrey,
    great that you are home. like you said 1 part at a time.
    i can't stress enough about a positive attitude when dealing with this dragon. that's great you have faith i your dr too.
    keep in touch.
    all the best
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    Hi Audrey, all the very best for your recovery of this stage, you have my thoughts and prayers. Virginia.
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    I am there with you!! So glad your surgery had good results. Having faith in your doctors makes a HUGE difference.

    I hope the rest of your treatments have the same wonderful results. Keep us posted.

    Take it easy as your recovery continues. Eat well and walk as much as possible. Makes you feel so good.

    Stay well, jana
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    Welcome home! It sort of hugs you, doesn't it? As far as healing, ask about Vitamin E oil. My surgeon said it was fine, really reduced the scar. Ask before starting, I did after 1 week post discharge visit. Take care of yourself, but get as much fresh air as you can.
    All my prayers!
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    Hi Audrey -

    So congratulations - step #1 is complete. As everyone says, try and walk as much as you can - may only be a little to start with - but whatever you can manage really helps. Concentrate on healing from the surgery. That's your big job now - no chemo until you have healed and don't let that worry you. As others have said, a positive attitude helps and "one step at a time" is crucial. Concentrate on getting better. By the time you are ready to start chemo, you may find you actually feel better than you did for quite a while prior to your colon surgery (at least that was certainly my experience).

    Not sure when you will meet with your oncologist, but realize this is not an emergency. You want to allow your mind to clear from the anesthesia (which can take a while). And the onc probably won't want to start you until you are pretty well healed. So lots of time to figure out and understand the next step.

    Good luck. Hope you are feeling better every day. And let us know what your next steps are. Much good news on this site regarding Stage IV CRC, so please come back for information.

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    GLad to know you are doing well. I am a surviror of Stage IV colon cancer with mets to my liver. I just celebrated my one year anniversary on March 8. I hope things continue to go well with you, and I will be praying for you.