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Hi...I'm brand new. Just found out a week ago, after removal of a suspicious, comples cyst we were watching through US and 1 CT scan, that I have adenocarcinoma. I had outpatient, laparascopic surgery done by my gyno. The cyst was found by accident during my yearly gyno exam. She (doc) didn't think it was anything but a complex cyst but, because it was growing, she said it needed to come out. Surgery was scheduled for 2 wks later. We had been watching the cyst for about 3 month. It didn't grow the first month, but started growing 1cm/month after that. It grew to just under 6cm. I had no symptoms until the last month or so when it would ache some when I was on my feet for a long time. Once or twice I had some sharp pinching pain that lasted for a few hours but then went away. I just found out today that the cyst was formed on the outside of the ovary and that the cyst itself, with the cancerous fluid in it, had ruptured at some point, within the outer sac. I found out yesterday, after I was told that cancer was only found in the ovary, that the small mass (nodule) that the doc removed from the surface of my uterus, which she was just sure was only fibroid tissue, turned out to be the same kind of cancer as my ovary. My question is: If the cancer was contained in the ovary, and originated there, how did that nodule get on my uterus. I am now going to see a gyn-oncologist on Friday to consult and schedule a hysterectomy and further biopsy, and debulking, if necessary, although nothing else was seen in my abdomen during the previous surgery last week. I have so many questions and fears that I am batting away like flies. It helps so much to have all of you to talk with and to wish me well. Hearing stories of survival really encourages me because everything you hear and read about oc tells about what a killer it is, and the statistics are not good. But, the oncologist's assistant has said over the phone that my case doesn't look terribly bad, so far, and the new doc, according to her, was not terribly concerned about the small cancerous nodule on the surface of my uterus. It appears to them that this is definitely treatable and may have a relatively good prognosis. But they won't know for sure until the hysterectomy when the oncologist really looks around and does more biopsies. What a roller coaster! I'm open to anyone's suggestions about how to cope emotionally. I'm staying as positive as I can and trying to keep my faith strong. I'm also keeping in touch with family and friends, going to church and grocery shopping, etc. I'm hoping that I will feel good again for awhile before I have my next surgery. I'm told I will also probably have to have some chemo. Thanks to all of you for being there. Debrah


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    Reading your post was almost like de'javue for me. I too had a malignant cyst on the ovary that ruptured during removal, placing the stage at 1C. I had 6 rounds of chemo and have been cancer free for the last 6 years. Just recently, it returned - a small pelvic mass was removed and I am going through another 6 rounds of chemo.

    I cannot answer all of your questions, but it sounds like you are on the right track with your doctor. Depending on your age, they will most likely recommend a hysterectomy and chemo. Chemo is not fun, but once you know what's going on please let us know and there are plenty of us who can offer support, information, and mostly prayers.

    In the meantime, you are right to hang on to your faith. Keep a positive attitude as much as possible and take one day at a time, one moment at a time if necessary. Become informed (but do not overwhelm yourself) so that you can ask your doctor all the questions you need to. Keep up your nutrition (especially if you'll be requiring surgery and chemo), try to exercise and get plenty of rest. AND REST IN THE LORD. He's the great Physician and He'll be your strength and wisdom in all of this.

    Please keep in touch. . .
    Hugs and prayers,
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    I take it that you are a hiker. Mountain hiking. I did that a lot and loved it even talked my husband into a backpackers honeymoon on the applachian trail in the Smokie Mountain national park. That was some years ago & another story. Talking about your ovca, it sounds like they caught it fairly early. you're right to pursue diagnosis & treatment. Chemo is not fun but you can still have quality of life while on it. Don't stress yourself out if you have to let go of something to focus on your health do it. Jobs can go or hours reduce. other commitments can be modified. You don't have to keep juggling all your balls. Try not to get ahead of the docs with worry. I know it is hard but worry just adds to your stress. There is nothing wrong with insisting on timely diagnosis and regular updates. That may help relieve your stress.
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    I forgot to say I am putting you on my prayer list.
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    It sounds as though you're catching this in an early stage, which is the best thing you could hear.

    Although I did have uterine cancer, which was diagnosed and lead to the discovery of ovarian cancer when I had a hysterectomy, they were unrelated types.

    One of my favorite reference books is "Gilda's Disease" by M. Steven Piver & Gene Wilder. It's quick, easy reading, and addresses different types of chemo and explains stages of ovarian cancer very well.

    Your faith will help carry you through.
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    HI I am new to it too. Just went through debulking and will start chemo next week. The problem I have is that I do not know what to expect.So far the doctors did not talk to me much. Please tell me if you know: What am I expect to feel during the chemo, any special diet, supplements? Any advice from somebody who already went through it ? Need a friend to keep me believing that it is going to work at least for some time.