a letter to you all

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Since most of the ladies I know from here are BC patients, I will post this letter here. This however is not only intended for breast cancer but all female cancer patients.

What you ladies are going through is terrible, painful, and life threatening. Many women have hard enough time looking into a mirror and seeing the true beauty that they present. Therefore, it must be devestating to have to have a part of your bodies removed or augmented. Try to realize that the strength it takes to go through this is actually attractive to many men. This letter is not intended to be rude or crude or sexual. But I wanted to offer some words of encouragement to my friends here at CSN. You ladies have attractive qualities before the cancer and you STILL have them AFTER the treatments. What you read in magazines and see on TV is NOT true beauty! It is false and meant to sell something. Yours is true. It is sincere, caring, nurturing, strong, intelligent, sympathetic, empathetic, and attractive. You all have positive attributes that men see and take notice. Don't fool yourselves. Don't think that you are no longer beautiful, because it just isnt true. When each of you look into your mirrors, see the beauty in yourself that so many others see. It is there. It just needs to be noticed by you! Hang in there friends. Don't give up. God bless.
-Michael (leukemia survivor)


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    Dear Michael,
    Just when most of us were feeling down. You probably touched every single one of us with your own beauty. I do look at myself everyday and try to figure out what the hell just happened. But all in all it has made me different in many good ways. I hate the way my top part of the body looks under clothes, but no one knows, Iam soooo pretty other wise. All around. And I have lots to be thankful for!! And how are you feeling? God Bless You Micheal. Debbie
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    i have got to be one of the luckiest woman in the world. my husband tellsme i am beautiful almost every day. even though i have a big cut on my stomach which opened after my transflap and ugly scars on my breast with no feelings. he knows how to make me feel great. when i lost my hair he said i look like demi moore. we have been married 25years and i was diagnose 3 years ago... i love this man!!!!!!
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    Thank you, Michael, that is a beautiful letter.
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    Thanks, Michael. But you've had a fight, too! I am both a colorectal and breast survivor, and I sort of get defensive when ANYONE looks badly at me. Actually, I don't wear wigs (I'm bald right now from my latest chemo) and make eye contact with people when I'm out to increase awareness that this is not about hair/no hair breast/no breast, or being a semi-colon. This is about the fight of my life and for my life. So MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, don't ya think? But I have friends that want me to stay bald even after treatment, they think I'm looking great! Super, huh? It takes people like you to keep us up! Kathi
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    thanks for the wonderful words Michael. God Bless You and give you strength for the battle that you have gone through. pelona
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    Dear Michael,

    I just took my last chemo treatment and am feeling pretty weak and kind of down in the dumps. I am a single mom with no hair. It has been pretty hard for me to go through this as a single person. I do look in the mirror and see a bald headed woman with awfull scars. But on the inside I am beatiful. I try to care for those in my life. Your letter helped me see that I need to focus on the positive and not on the negative.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really needed it.
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    Hi MC.
    When I spoke to you the other day I told you were a very handsome young man...now I now you are beautiful in and out. You have touched my heart with the words you wrote. Someday, I know you will be blessed with a wonderful woman who will appreciate all of your wonderful qualities.