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Hi I havn't been here for awhile. Sorry to see all of the new people but glad you all found this board. I moved to Africa and it has been pure hell getting a phone line much less internet. Anyway my mom is currently doing treatment with Ironetecan+ Avastin+Erbitux. Anyway else doing this? I think it is a fairly new combination to do all 3 at once. She is depressed, weak, and tired but not going to give up. We are praying hoping and all that...that this will stop the cancer for at least awhile. Good luck to everyone.


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    Hi Erika,

    I'm one of the newbies so thanks for the hello. I start chemo Wednesday but just want to say sending good vibes your mom's way and prayers.

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    Hi Erika

    I am new to the board as well. Unfortunately, I can't provide any answers to your questions (Avastin is not yet available in the Land of oz as they are still at the clinical trial stage over here). I just wanted to wish your mum all the best in her treatment. Did your mother move to Africa with you? Good luck to you both.