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Enjoy your trip to Europe! You will probably be perfect! My rash was subsiding a bit when I stopped Erbitux. Within a week, I totally stopped breaking out and my skin was no longer dry. However, it did take a few weeks longer for the old signs of the rash (scars) to clear. By week six, my skin was perfect and I never thought I would be able to say that.

However, my oncs feel that Erbitux worked best for me and I am now on my third dose. Already, my skin is really dry and I am starting to mildly break out. At least its comforting to know that after few weeks off of this stuff and your skin can be perfect!

Have a great trip!!!


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    It amazes me how persistent this rash is ... I'm taking an oral and a topical antibiotic, using various face washes, toners, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, hydrating Vit. E cream ... and still I have this rash and my skin is red, and sometimes the rash is on my scalp and it hurts to shampoo (brushing my hair is the worst!). I cannot wait to stop taking this drug! Thanks for the encouraging story.

    Really, I guess when compared to the side effects from the Folfox I had last year, Erbitux is easy. I mostly just hate the way it looks.