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Hi All,

I posted last week and I just got my father PET/CT scan back yesterday, bad news that the scan demonstrate evidence of tumor recurrence in the rectal pouch. There is a 2.1x2.0cm soft tissue density at the level of the medial aspect of the right rectus abdominus muscle. That may well be the reason why he felt a pull liagment pain. In addition, there are multiple signs of metastatic disease in the abdomen especially involving omentum and small bowel. Other than that, there is no liver and lung metastases found. He is feeling very down as he expects a good scan, he only completed his chemo in last Aug and last Oct he started to have the pain till now. How come this recurrent carcinoma back so fast? Not even 2 months, I hope his next chemo will do better. My family worries a lot about this recurrent being so quickly, hope this is not an advance or progressive cancer. Anyone that experience the metastic disease to the small bowel and abdominu mucles area, I would appreciate giving me some advise.




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    I am so sorry that your dad has to go through this. He is in my thoughts and prayers.