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Hi to all,

I hope it is ok to post this here. Has anyone gone the legal route against their delay in their colon cancer diagnosis. If so, was there a positive out come. You can email me through this site.

Thanks, Maureen


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    Good question. I haven't although my old primary care physcian was an oncologist and I had been seeing him on a regular basis for 10 years. My stage IV colon cancer was caught by luck during a routine physical. I'm focusing my energy on getting better. If I suddenly croak, I want my family to go after him, other wise I can't see wasting my time on the jerk. Probably not the best attitude but yes, I'm a little angry with him
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    Personally, I'd rather live than sue. However, in 5/01, I had a massive abdominal bleed. It was found to be a colon polyp that had cancer just below the encapsulated point (the safe area). My gastro in LI told me to have a colon resection. He tattoed the spot of the polyp and sent me to a top specialist at Sloan Kettering. That Dr. told me that there was a 1-3% chance of it coming back and a colon resection was not necessary. He said to just have yearly colonoscopies and I will be fine. Well, in 4/04, I noticed pain on my left side. I went for a colonoscopy eight months after my last one. It was found that I had a tumor exactly at the tattoed spot. At that time, it was found that it had spread to my liver. I will always kick myself that I listened to this 'top specialist'. However, I don't know if I want to waste my precious time suing this 'world renowned colon surgeon.'
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    I work for medical malpractice attorneys. In fact, at work now, so can't type too much! E-mail me through this site, and I can forward questions or concerns to an attorney, no cost.

    Often, there has to be a REAL delay in overlooking the obvious, but every story is different, no blanket answer for everyone.

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    My mom is currently pursuing legal action.