She beat stage 4 ovarian cancer

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Please read my mother's story of hope. mother's story.htm


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    Thanks for the story about your mother! It is very encouraging. Since reading her story, I have been drinking Welch's grape juice, and the red grape wine too! It sure can't hurt. I have an elderly friend, who is still alive at approximately 100 years old......who was diagnosed with colon cancer probably 30-35 years ago. She went to a clinic in Mexico, and they put her on a very strict diet, and lots and lots of grape juice. Much to the surprise of her American doctors, she survived the colon cancer, and is still going pretty strong. She just recently had to move in with her kids, as she had been living by herself for many years since the death of her husband. She is a remarkable lady, but I have always remembered her drinking tons of grape juice. Thanks for the reminder, I so appreciate it! MichaelaMarie