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Hello all. I am a breast cancer survivor. However, a young woman who is my daughters best friend was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 3 years ago, or better, and whe was only 27. They removed the thyroid, did the radioactive thing and have checked her each year. However, this time they have found recurrance and it is in her lymph nodes. I am in the dark here. I know that with my cancer, that would be a bad thing. What are her chances of a metastasis from the lymph node and what would the prognosis be if there was a metastsis?

Thanks for your information. The one thing that I learned with my diagnosis two years ago is that I found more and better help here than anywhere else.



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    Hi Jan,
    Thyroid Cancer is a totally different ballgame. In order to give you the best information it is important to know the type of thyca she has, for example I was dx'd with papillary carcinoma at age 31, for my story please check my webpage here. My best friend's daughter was dx'd with the same cancer at age 10, yes, 10, after a total thyroidectomy, left and right neck disections, RAI 4 years ago, she is fine. For myself and my friend's daughter, lymph node activity was common. There is a great site for information, There are discussion boards for thyca and advanced thyca at yahoo.
    As you know all cancer's are different, while I have had mets to mediasteinum, lymphs in chest, lymph in neck, again, and lymph behind liver, I am probably in the worse case scenario catagory. Assuming your friend has papillary thyca, she has every reason to believe that she will be fine. I would be interested to know what type of dr.s she is being seen by and where. I will be checking the board to hear back from you, or you could email me here.
    Take Care,