Father Dx recently at VA Hosp- Faster treatment elsewhere?

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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post but can't figure out where else to post.

My father (66 yrs old) was recently diagnosed with intestinal cancer. We are having problems getting to see oncologists and surgeons, wondering how fast is treatment & meeting with Docs usually accomplished?

He was diagnosed on 2/16 as per colonoscopy and endoscope, we managed to convince the attending to get the MRI "rushed" so we got it done on 2/21.
Now we are told the earliest we can meet with surgeons is 3/1 and "hopefully" they will be able to arranged for us to meet with the oncologist "the first part" of next week (Monday is 2/27).

How quickly should these meetings with doctors be happening? I realize it's a huge system but wonder if we are being firm enough about getting treatment. At this point we don't even know what stage/prognosis because we haven't even seen the oncologist.

Any input would be appreciated.


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    In what part of the country are you? How many drs. and patients do they have? Are you being referred within the same hospital? There are so many variables it is hard to say. My husband and I were both treated in military hospitals and I waited three to four weeks for surgery at the hospital where I was and my husband was treated within days at a different facility. We did biopsy and surgery and saw the oncologist following surgery. Each patient and cancer is different as is each facility. If you are uncomfortable try making phone calls and see if you can help move things along. We have found that generally people and drs. move as quickly as they can but patient load can be really heavy. Sometimes there just isn't an appointment time. They don't mean you are less important than any other patient there are just too many patients.