Need help for my mom

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Mom has survived non hodgkins lymphoma..twice and had part of her right lung removed to lung cancer.She gets her screenings every 6 months and last week had a PET scan to check a small spot on the right upper lung. Tomorrow we get results but the problem is, she came home today from work very very down and depressed and has been in bed all day. She said she is just soooooooo tired of it all and she just can't stand it anymore. I am trying to find some support for her. She said that when she went to a support group one time, it was to depressing listening to everyone talk about cancer.
Mom is 64. Any ideas for me would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!


  • KathiM
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    I'm a year-old survivor and just found the chat rooms....not all of it is cancer talk....much humor...can she get on this site? Sat and Sun are great fun!
    Another thought. Is she a member of the Red Hat Society? This is a group for ladies over 50. They do alot of stuff. Probably a local chapter near Red Hat.
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    Just be there. No matter what, my mom was 65 and she hated the groups too. I just let her talk to me and she had a great doctor and medical crew.
    If you need someone, I will help how I can. Keep your head up.
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    Try Reiki. It's a healing touch therapy. It really helps people relax, and is used very often on cancer patients.