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My darling husband was dx with stage iv rectal cancer (mets to liver & lungs with node involvement)in April 05. His tumor is inoperatable due to his tumor being attached to pelvic organs. His first line treatment involved 5fu/lev, unfortunately the treatment was unsuccessful and he has just completed his second cycle of 5fu/lev/irinotecan(campostar).During the past few months he has developed a cough and breathlessness which is getting progressively worse (his onc has prescribed morphine combined with cough supressent). He also developed back pain which is also getting progressively worse. His onc has ordered a full body bone scan and also brought forward his pelvic/chest ct scan forward from 23/3/06 to 28/2/06. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same situation and what the outcome was. I am very very worried as he seems to be detoriating and I'm not sure what to think? Is it normal for him to be experiencing these things? I would appreciate any replies that can put our minds at ease.