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Hi everyone, Im am 21 yrs old and last week I had the Leep done. My abnormal cells were detected over a year ago and my dr said they were mild and we should only keep a close eye on things. I was going once every 3 months for a pap. Then before Christmas on of those paps came back that my cervix now had high grade squamous cell abnormalities or CIN III. He did a biopsy, the results came back that I would have to have the Leep procedure done. Last week on Feb 15, I went to the hospital to have the procedure. He said everything was great and that he was very optimistic that he got it all. I now have a follow up appt in 2 weeks to check mt healing progress. My only concern is my fertility. I desperatley want to have children in the next couple years. I was just wondering if anyone has had this procedure and was able to concieve and carry to full term. If there is anyone out there with any info or personal stories to calm my fears I would really appreciate it. Thanks


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    Hi Laura,
    If you read through these two webpages
    you can find links to websites where you may find further information.

    And at your follow-up appointment make sure to ask your surgeon both about the Leep, and about the chances that you might require further treatment in the future that could affect your fertility. If you are not satisfied with the answers then I suggest finding an expert in the field to advise you.
    Good luck- I hope all goes well!
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    My friend Lisa had a LEEP procedure done 4 years ago and she is now mom to a 1 year old beautiful girl. I think it depends on the severity, but you should check with your doc.

    Take care-Nicole
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