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I wrote about my Dad around a month ago. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in September, and it had spread to some lymph nodes. I wrote my message just after he had surgery to remove his right upper lobe. I was very concerned at the time, and those people that replied to me i want to thank, because you gave me a lot of hope, which i could then pass on to my Dad. To those of you that emailed me, thank you also, sorry i didn't write back, i couldn't get my replies to send for some reason!
Anyway, i was in tears yesterday, but they were happy tears. When my Dad first found out from his GP about the cancer, he was told that it really 'doesn't look good', and he needs to go home and tell his children this. Then we were told it may have gone to his liver, this was negative. Then we were told it may be 'inoperable' from a doctor. It wasn't. We were also told the chemo he was given might not work. But it did. THen we were told that they may not be able to get the tumour all out, but they did. Then we were told that it might have affected more lymph nodes, but it hasn't.
We were told yesterday that at the moment he can
'consider himself cancer free'. I see this as a miracle. Our surgeon was one of the best in Australia, and i can't thank him enough. But i guess the bottom line is, which others have told me on this network, you can get through this and beat it. You can be told so many negative things from so many different people, but at the end of the day there are many positive stories out there. And my Dads is one of them. :)


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    God Bless You, Holly3!! I am so happy to hear the wonderful news about your Father!

    I was diagnosed with Stage I NSCLC in May 2005 and had subsequent surgery which got the entire 2.8cm tumor. I had some chemo "just to make sure" and my oncologist tells me that I have an 85% chance of going on to have a normal life span. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel.

    You tell your Dad to keep the faith and forge ahead!

    Best regards,

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    So happy to hear the good news about your dad!!! Based on my experience, he'll be back to his "old self" in a couple of months. Best Wishes!