My Treatment for Bev ~

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Hi Bev, my treatment was Oxaliplatin, 5 FU and Leuvicorin sp? .... I had 4 or 5 treatments of chemo then 28 straight days of Chemo and radiation combined with continuous infusion of Leuvicorin. After 8 rounds of chemo I had surgery for my liver resection in January of 2005 recovered for about 6 weeks then 4 more rounds of chemo. 12 chemos all together. I have been off of chemo since April 05. Clean scans and normal CEA's since. I thank GOD everyday. Please tell your husband to not give up and keep eating no matter how crappy he feels. Take lots of walks too it helped me. Doreen


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    Hi Doreen:
    Thank you for the info and the encouragement- sure wish my husband was eligible for liver resection etc..
    Glad everything is well with you.