I was told I have Vulvar Cancer aka VIN III. I have tried to research it and to tell you all the truth I have a list of questions for my oncologist. Is these even curable? I had a biopsy done in mid December and it came back as precancerious, I did not think of it being a big deal since the doc told me it could be fixed by surgery. By late january i was mutilated (had surgery), and was bluntly told I had Vulvar Cancer and it was moving fast! They are trying to avoid the Cancer spreading to my cervix. I have an appointment with the onocologist this month. And recently scheduled another apointment with another oncologist in March. Is this too fast? Did any of you know that only 1% of all cancers is Vulvar? Please tell me it is not true, and that the doctors know what they are doing! I try to make a nothing out of this, my family is terrified of it. When the women in my family had it.. it was done at the precancerious stage and they where in thier late 30's. I am 27, no STD's, no pain, no burning, no nothing. It just so happened that I found a mole by my vagina and "oops!" it is precancerious and not a wart! I have my boyfriend living with me.. and don't want him to go through this with me.. I told him to leave, but he is determined to stay and taht this is going to end sometime.. but listening to all of you and reading the few research I don't know if I am ever going to have a life like I did before. I know that things won't be the same.. but they should be somewhat the same. Since I recieved the news, I have not stopped in doing research of treatment, and diets and doctors that are going to see me. I do get scared and depressed sometimes, but I am so stubborn that I sometimes annoy myself and get up and start again getting my thoughts organized. I can't just stay still doing nothing knowing that I am dying inside. I may exagerate, but that helps me to keep going.


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    I encourage you to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with understanding the information about your diagnosis and treatment. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

    You can also contact others directly from this board by clicking on the envelope icon below their messages. This will send them an email through the internal CSN email system.

    I wish you the best on your treatment.

    Take care and be well,

    CSN Dana
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    mine started in november of 2005. found a mass that looked "unusual". the gyn did a punch biopsy and sent it to the lab. three weeks later diagnosed with vin III. o.k. now what. was scheduled an excision to remove the mass in gyn office with local and sent in for another biopsy. another five weeks later, phone call. please come in for your results. stage 1 squamous cell carcinoma invasion present at the depth of 1mm. my gyn tells me in all her years of practice i am the first vulvar cancer she has dealt with. she sets me up with an appt with a oncologist which i see 2/23/2006. her words were "i don't know what to tell you so we will learn this together." scared, angry, confused, and any other emotion you can think of. i also have been all over the web. same basic info everywhere i look but no real answers. when i go in to the onc i will ask every question possible and i believe i will get more than one opinion. if i learn anything i will pass it on and please do the same for me. my husband and i have been married 17 years as of this saturday 2/18/2006. his first reaction was total shutdown. now i think he is afraid of losing me. (which will not happen by the way) his support is getting better, but i know he is scared to. God love him.
    if you want to talk please feel free
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    I had surgery for the same thing in Jan. 2006. Your right, it was mutilation! I found some really good info at Maybe it will help you also. Good luck!
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    Did I read that right? I haven't seen any data on hereditary factors and VC but will let you know if I do.

    My gynecologist said wart first also! I'm very glad he had the presence of mind to order the biopsy.

    I can't see why no one has thought of a better way to treat this BEAST! If the best treatment for prostate or testicular cancer was skinning the scrotum you can bet your sweet bippy they'd find a cure and a treatment that were cost effective, efficient procedures and didn't leave the patient feeling mutilated and scarred. For the record: I am not knocking the survivors of prostate and testicular cancer. Cancer Sucks no matter who you are and where you get it.