Kerry and Jana!!

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I just wanted to drop and line to see how you guys were doing!!!!! I wanted to email but my computor crashed and I lost everyones email addresses. I have been trying to figure how to retrieve them but with no luck so I figured you guys would be checking in on the site.

I so hope that you guys are doing ok!!! I know that these are going to be tough weeks for you guys!!!

Just want to send my BEST WISHES!!!! Also, to let you know that you guys have a very special guardian angle looking out for you both!!!!

When you get a chance email me to let me know how you guys are doing!!!!

Love Always!!!



  • Btrcup
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    Hi Sue, it's good to hear from you. Hope things are going well. Sorry to hear about the computer crash. I had that happen at work years ago, before all this modern technology.....5 years worth of work was lost. It took me weeks to manually restore everything.

    You are in my thoughts!!