lymphoma at 18-still fighting

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I had Lymphoma when I was 18, and am still going through the reprocutions. I got Breast Cancer 15 years later due to all the radiation I recieved. I had a double mastectomy and didn't heal well. It too @ 9 surgeries to complete my reconstruction. I now have restricted lung didease and cardio-myopathy. My diaphram is paralized and elevated leaning on my lung. It is very difficult to breath or excorsize. ANYONE ELSE DEALING WITH SURVIVING LIKE THIS? IT NEVER STOPS, AND I ALWAYS FEEL SICK! I am angry and would love somone to talk to.


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    Hi mamacaca,
    Can I suggest also trying the website of the Leucemia and Lymphoma Society at . They have some good forums there including one called 'Living with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma' - look for the link 'Discussion Boards' on the home page. There are links to other lymphoma websites on this webpage . You can find breast cancer forums on the website and on this American Cancer Society website.