Severe constipation with E.C.

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My father was diagonosed with E.C. in November 2005. He had 2 cycles of chemo and surgery on Jan 2nd 2006. He is recovering well from surgery . He was diagonosed with T3N3. However he has had severe trouble with constipation and hard stool. Between his 2 chemo cycles he had to be hospitalized for that problem and required manual evacuation and retention anemas. The doctors said it was the chemo drugs and reduction in food intake at that time which was causing that. But even now, post operation he is having the same trouble. This has overtaken his life now. The latest sonography done showed no spread in liver or kidneys. The last C.T. scan done just prior to surgery also showed no spread in any part. I would like to know if anyone has had similar trouble?


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    I suggest also putting your post onto this forum
    Try this webpage for links to other esophageal websites
    Although it may take some time, I suggest doing a search for constipation on these breast cancer forums
    and on these ACS forums.
    You should be able to find some threads there where the problem is discussed and ways to reduce or overcome it suggested.
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    Yep. Could also be pain killers. They tend to slow the digestive tract. I would recommend (1st!!!) talking to your oncologist about it. And asking about taking Senna S along with fiber supplement. I've had to resort to enemas, but it gets annoying after a while. Good luck and God bless.