Hair coloring after chemo

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Hi everyone, dx'd with BC -5/05 just got over my last chemo treatment 3 weeks ago and start radiation in a week. I don't have enough hair on my head (1") to color yet, but was just wondering when is it safe to color your hair? Any input is appreciated.

God bless your all!


  • ClaudiaAnn
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    I colored mine after a year, but I have to say I'm not too happy with the results. It made it very fine and wispy. Before it was full of body and wavy. I don't like the grey, but I like the lack of body less.
  • babs49242
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    i colored my hair 2 months after my last radiation treatment. I could get 2 applications out of one box,being my hair so short.
  • mjjporter
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    finished chemo tday started rad jan talked to dr and got ok to color hair feb 2 feel so much better about myself now i want extensions
  • hounddog
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    Be careful when you by hair color because you have been Through chemo any chemical can burn your hair or scalp . I cant get permanents because of the chemo in my system it burns very bad. So my advice is please becareful if people don't like the way you look it is their problem . You look nice the way you are because God made you and you are a special person.
  • dhwhiting
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    I am 33 years old and I have been done with chemo 6 months. I just colored mine 2 weeks ago and it came out just fine! I have heard that new hair won't hold color very well...but when I looked in the mirror the short gray hair reminded me daily of cancer. My new color gave me a lift and makes me feel my age! Ask your doc for any input!