Recurrent HD

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Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with HD IIA NS on 3/03, underwent 8 treatments of ABVD and 23 days of radiation and have been cancer free since 12/03.

Until a CT scan on 1/9/06 indicated 2 new masses in mediastinum area. A PET scan from 1/23/06 revealed activity in 6 nodes. I am undergoing a biospy tomorrow to determine whether the nodes are involved or benign.

Has anyone experienced a false positive PET scan with recurrent HD?

I am contemplating a clinical trial (Cytoxan and Rituxan) versus undergoing a full bone marrow transplant. Has anyone else been faced with this decision?

Any experiences would be appreciated.

Be strong!


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  • JTM01
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    Yes, I am currently facing this decision now. My Oncologist wants me to take oral Luekeran and have IV Rituxan. Not sure what I am going to do at this point but I was diagnosed in July 2002 with Small Cell Lymphoma, and Chronic Lymphocitic Luekemia, Stage 4.

    I to am looking for people who have taken or are taking Rituxan and what they experienced while taking it and what they experienced afterwards. So Far I have used the oral Luekeran and had pretty good luck except with the last treatment.

    I did 180 days of oral Luekeran and it did reduce tumor size's very well but I also had my spleen removed and 4 liters of fluid drained off my right lung afterwards. It's been about six months and I think the tumors are starting to grow again but will know more when I talk to the oncologist. I am very interested in feedback on Rituxan though so anyone with any use experience please pass it on I am running out of time to decide what to do.

    Also specific to this message I have had quite a few scans done and none have ever came up false positive in my experience but it can happen and the only way to really know is with the biopsy of the nodes. I wish the best outcome for you and god bless.