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Thanks to all who replied to my previous post.

Does each chemo make you feel sicker than the previous? I am currently on the Adriamiacin/Cytoxin 4 rounds then the Taxol/Herceptin 4 rounds...please tell me I won't get sicker, I just can't handle it!


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    I was on the same regiment of chemo.( was not given HERCEPTIN) I was given an anti-nausea medication. I did not get sicker.Havng a POSITIVE attitude helps alot.Keep you spirits are a WARRIOR!!!
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    If you are feeling worse after progressive treatments, talk to your doctor. Lots of ways to handle the side effects. With Taxol, they started me on epogen and neupogen right away and I believe it really helped. The nurses gave me some suggestions on energy conservation and I made sure I would plan a low key day the day after chemo. You're not alone, this is a great site for suggestions. Everyone's different, just need to find what works for you.
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    I found that the A/C treatments were harder to deal with than the Taxol/Herceptin. I also learned after the first A/C that there were certain things I needed to do. For instance on the 3rd day, I didn't barely move until I took my two anti-nausea meds and then stayed in bed for about an hour afterward without moving very much. It did wonders. I also learned that it was just fine not to each barely at all on the third day. Normally, food was very unappealing for the 3rd day and on the 4th I could eat a little. I really found that each time I could handle things better almost each time. I got more tired over time.. But I kept thinking about making it to the end. You will make it too. Take Care of yourself and write to me if I can help.
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    The best advice my doctors ever gave me was the reality of my situation. I was told from the start that by the time I was heading into last chemo I would not want to be there and it would take all I have to get there.
    Up here in BC we were doing chemo treatments that included as many as 5 different drugs at one time depending on your cancer and your age. There were only six chemo treatments once every three weeks, can't imagine having it over as long a period as some. Because I was so young at the time and had an agresive form they belted me hard. Then it was followed with 15 radiation treatments. I learned to resign myself to all that I had to get through and not fight it or question it, but man I feared it. I have learned to face my fears in life and do things anyways and that helped me cope with all I had to face.
    Find enjoyment in the simplest of things and find the humour in it all, cause there is allot to laugh at.
    Be good to yourself always,
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    If you are not doing well, tell your dr. They can help if you tell them how bad you really feel. Don't sugar coat it. Remember that it is a short period of time and we can do anything for a short period of time. Take each treatment as one and don't think about any past or future. Just the one and "I can do this". We fight cancer because we can and you can too!! Hang in there and keep going. HUGS & HUGS