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My chemo was finished Thanksgiving week. I had surgery 6 weeks before my chemo started. I had a hysterectomy when they found the cancer and I was in surgery for about 7 hours. I've seen some on this site that are still taking something is that normal? Should I be taking something? I've been juicing, eating veggies, and drinking water. Every 4 weeks I get my blood work and see my oncologist and so far he says everything is fine. Even though he ALWAYS stresses that this in an incurable disease. I hate when he does that. ok sorry for rambling my question is in here somewhere. thanks Sue


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    Hi Sue - I don't understand the details of your question, but finishing chemo 6 weeks after surgery does sound a bit unusual. What chemo drugs did you have? And, what surgery? The primary sites of metastatic colon cancer are the liver and lungs, but given you mention a hysterectomy, I am thinking you are in a different situation? Also, did you have colon / rectal surgery?

    We're not physicians (at least most of us are not!), but still hard to assess without knowing a bit more.

    Wishing you all the best.

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    Sue, Just like Betsy, I need more info. But, here's mine. 11/04 I was diagnosed with Colon cancer in the first rectal fold. Pre-op chemo and radiation was done, and by some miracle managed to completely eliminate the 2-inch tumor. I went ahead with the surgery in 5/05, removing the rectum and the sygmoid colon. At the same time a total hysterectomy was done because I'm 49 and there is a history of endometrial cancer in my family. After my surgery, I had no additional chemo. I was a stage 2, so I don't know what made you a stage 4. My best experience is that if you don't feel comfortable with the treatment recommendations of your MD, get a second, third, fourth opinion. I had great luck with a ACS hotline nurse...she spent and hour with me going over my initial pathology report....also, I HATE the word sort of ruins the thoughts of hope, etc! Best to you.
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    Sue,Another 2 bits... Your Doc has it right but wrong terminology, Life is incurable, as we are all terminal. It starts at birth, and only your maker and you have a clue as to when it will go to the next level. Having said that, if you aren't comfortable with an opinion of your doctor, question it. There is no paranoia involved when you question life altering decisions. Follow your gut instinct, that's what we have it for, survival. And just think, the best thing about a 7 hour surgery is that you got to sleep through it.