'' i got throught it..so can you.''

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well my name is amanda and i am 13 years old.
here is my story,
if you want to comment me go ahead and ask me questions.
One day I was putting my necklace on and i felt lumps in my neck,I told my mom and she called a nurse from the CLSC.The nurse said it was just an infection and the lumps would go away.A month later they hadn't went away.So, one day I was at my dad's house and he had an appointement at the doctors.I went with him, and they called him in. I was really curios what may have caused this on my neck.So I went ahead and asked,he felt my neck and said it can be very serious.He called it Lymph nodes. So, that I night I went to a
website to research about this . I found things that talked about infection, cat scratch disease and hodgkin's.When I seen the cancer thing I freaked out.I didn't want to hear anything about it.So my dad said me and your mom will take you to the childrens hospital tomorrow and see what this is.
The next day we went we had to wait 10 hours,The doctor said it was most likely an infection.But they couldnt rule out the possibility of it being cancerous.So they had to do a bunch of tests to find out, then they said the next day I needed to get a biopsy done to check if it was cancerous.I went crazy!..
The next day they took me in for surgery at 10 am, That was the most scray thing of my life.
After it, it was ok I went home for 2 weeks lived my life like normal.Went out with my friends on our bikes everyday thinking how can anything be wrong with me? Im healthy im in shape.Its never going to end up being cancer. 2 weeks after my biopsy I was with my 2 friends ,and my cousins. I cam back and my mom and aunt were crying. I walked in having no clue what was wrong. She told me. I was crying like crazy I couldnt sleep for alot of nights. My parents were very supportive during this time. Well after I started my chemo, it was really tough ,I couldnt go to school alot. The worst part for me was loosing my hair, it would come out in chunks and it was picture day at school, i felt awful, and my hair looked awful.I told my parents I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL OR ANYWHERE WITHOUT A WIG! so the next day we went to the store and got a wig, it was brown and I was a little bit more happier, now i wasn't afraid to go out. It looked really nice on me i liked it alot,people at school couldn't tell it was fake. They all thought I died my hair. Alot of people were being very nice to me at school and giving me attention. Some kids started getting jealous at it. Saying mean stuff to me that got me upset, but my bestfriend Kaylee always stuck up for me. I did 5 months of chemo and I am completly cured, thats is because I belived in myself. You can do it to.


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    Hugs to you Amanda, and congratulations on remission. I am glad you posted. Your an inspirations for an acient like me.
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