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Hey my dad is having very pain bone pain in his arm. But it will go away and not bother him at all is that normal? He also got a bone scan yesterday and the cancer is now in his leg, spine,ribs, and hip and the arm which has been there. Does anyone have any experience with bone pain and what we should expect from here? I love my dad and I am just trying to get him some information. He is also hormone refractory.


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    I have hormone refractory bone metastasis and sometimes the pain is so bad I need a walker to move and maybe a week later it hurts only 10% as much. Pain medicine helps a little and allows the mind to deal with it sll. I have to believe things are not going to get a lot better and though treatments like chemo and remicade may give some help to your dad I have chosen to just deal with it as I have no job or insurance and need the little money I have left to pay bills and live. There are no cures or magic pills that will make life normal but your dad probably knows this and I wish him the best.
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    Many Anethesiologists are treating people with pain...You may want to check in your local medical community to find a doctor who can help...Perhaps your family doc can recommend someone
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    there is strontium 89 to help with bone pain, check with a radiation oncologist...the research I have looked at says that sometimes this can help with bone pain, or some radiation treatments help. My husband has prostate cancer with bone mets, but has not had much pain associated with it. Zometa is also an infusion he gets to help with bone density and prevent fractures that can happen with bone mets and hormone treatment. Also like previously suggested there are pain management doctors to consult..ask your dad's doc or the local hospital for a referral...good luck to your dad, keep looking out for him.
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    I too have metasatis to the bones had three vertabra impacted l-3, l-5,& t-6 had a scan and am undergoing radiation treatments for the pain.. The treatments have really helped to alleviate the pain.. I am on # 21 0f 25 today. Side effects include nausea and heartburn because the esophagus and stomach are in the field area being treated. Well worth the side effects for the pain relief. I also have other areas impacted but the pain dragon has not reared its head as of yet.