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It seems that a great majority who post here have had recurrences. Does everyone have recurrences??


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    I am new here as I am awaiting results of CA125 and an ultrasound of an enlarged left ovary. As I am 60, there is some concern. The only symptom I have had was some slight intermittent pain on left side of lower abdomen...and I am supposed to be low risk, but we know that this may mean nothing. Symptoms very rarely show up until ovarian cancer is quite advanced.

    From what I have read, recurrence of ovarian cancer is very common.

    Not encouraging!
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    Please don't be discouraged. I am a five year survivor of stage IIb with no recurrences. I think the reason it seems that all patients have recurrences is because the women that post messages are the ones fighting active disease. They are the ones who need the most support and information. Speaking for myself I usually get on just to support those that are battling active disease. Unfortunately even survivors never forget and never truly feel cancer free because you always live with the fear of a recurrence no matter how long you have been cancer free. You just get better at dealing with it and learn how to live life with that knowledge tucked back in your mind. Prayer and talking to others helps. Good luck to both of you in your fight and as always the women on the board are in my prayers.