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hello to all.i hope all is going well for everyone.i continue to keep everone in my prayers and i now need your prayers.i have had some lower back pain on my left side near the kidney area.i had some lab tests done and some things have been ruled out such as kidney stones,infection oncologist has referred me for a ct. scan which i was due for anyway.he also wants a bone scan done.he said that my pain is near the rib area and he thinks that this could be caused by my cancer.i'm really scared and could use some prayers and words of encouragement.i've never had a bone scan so this is all new to me.i hope that some words of encouragement will calm my nerves.thank all of you so much and may god bless all cancer patients and their caregivers!


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    Dear Lawleete,

    Pain and upcoming scans are both reasons for anxiety. Hopefully your scans will show that the pain is caused from something benign. I have never had a bone scan so I can't offer you any support in that area. I'm glad your oncologist is being diligent in trying to pinpoint your pain. Please know that I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

    Sending you my best.

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    You have my prayers.

    I had a bone scan when first diagnosed. It is a nuclear test. It involves an injection, then you wait and then you lay still for the test. It is painless. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hello. I will say a prayer for you that everything is ok. I know how scared you must be. My dad has stage v and everytime he has a pain Im so scared it means the cancer has spread. But you have to realize every ache and pain does not mean it has spread. Try to think positive and keep up informed. Good luck with the cat scan
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    Hi Lawleete,((((((((mate))))))) If you ever wondered about the term "like watching grass grow" it was coined for bone scans ,very very slow and non invasive. I had very similar problems to what you describe as a matter of fact I have been complaining about right side back pain for eight years. So far they found duodenal ulcers ,next peptic ulcers,then pancreatitis,followed by the removal of my gallbladder(full of little black stones),still I had pain so we went the ultrasound track looking for kidney and trapped liver stones ,back to the drawing board an endoscopy suspected stomach ca but no, just some more really heavy duty peptic ulcers(non viral)at Christmas this year once again into the breach with ultrasounds ect once more ulcers. The moral of the story is that there are heaps of things that can cause pain in that area and they all seem to be connected to the same nerve receptors. My doctor sat stony faced when I asked if the problems were long term side effects of 5Fu(who knows who cares). All I know is that test wise I am the most ca free person I know. I hope you are too ,good luck and keep on their case until you find a cause,Ron. P.s My bone scan was clear,another area free of ca!
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    Your doc is doing a great job listening to you and investigating possible causes. When I was first diagnosed (back in 02) I had rib pain. I called my onc and we got some rib series x-rays done - all normal. My onc told me to try not to worry because colorectal cancer very rarely goes to bone (not never, so you still need to double check) - try not worry too much.

    I will be sending you prayers. Take care and think healthful thoughts. jana
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    lawleete -

    Understand your worries about the pain - I had similar pains myself and felt the same dread. Turned out to be nothing. Try no to worry youself for now. Get that scan and see how things are going. Know we're all behind you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how things turn out.