Clinical Trial - Panitumumab?

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My wife was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. We're interviewing oncologists and one is recommending a clinical trial involving Panitumumab (study drug from Amgen). Human version of Erbitux. We've heard this is being fast tracked, but want to verify. Has anyone heard about the status of Panitumumab?



  • nanuk
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    You can go to and search all trials Nationwide using this drug; once on the site, go to colorectal cancer trials or rectal cancer trials. Bud
  • mchking
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    I would get in the trial. My brother and I are just waiting for Panitumumab to be approved. If it is proven as good as it has started out to be, it will be a life-saver. I understand they are testing it now with Avastin, another life saver. Erbitux and avastin are the best things now. I'm hoping Panitumumab and avastin will be the new next best. Very good luck.
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    I too would do it. I was reading about this trial in the latest CURE magazine. Being in a clinical trial really cannot be beat. Don't have to deal with bills, insurance, etc. I find your medical team is very attentive and has more time for you in a trial.