87-y.o. Dad w/lung cancer

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My 87-y.o. dad was just dx through CAT scan with probable adenocarcinoma. No intervention recommended because of his MANY health problems and age. I have requested CT report. We are now concentrating on quality of live and palliative care. As a survivor myself (OVCA 1/01), I know it's impossible to predict "how long." But, can someone who's been through similar circumstances tell me whether this is an aggressive cancer, are we looking @ 6 mos. or less??? Thanks, Kathy


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    Hi Kathy. I had nsclc, squamus cell. All I can pass on to you is that my oncologist told me that it was a slow growing type. How that would affect your Dad would be best answered by his doctor(s). They don't volunteer a lot of information, so you have to be persistent with your questions. Best wishes and prayers to you and your Dad.