NED- what a guy!!

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Well- sorry for sounding so glum in my last post! My boyfriend had his scan on Thursday and we got the results on Friday- ALL CLEAR!!! The oncologist said that stopping treatment completely was an option but that he would recommend continuing with Xeloda and cutting the Erbitux down to every three weeks instead of every two. Another scan in 3 months and 6 months and if all clear then treatment could stop. I never thought that I'd hear such encouraging words. Incidentially the onc said that in the 10 years he has been a consultant that my bf is the first person with such advanced cancer to go into complete remmission.We are so blessed. Feel so relieved and hopeful but also conscious that there are lots of people out there who are not receiving great news at the moment and I am thinking of you all too. Thanks, Jo


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    Hi Jo!!
    Fantastic news!!! Terri
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    Thats great news. Im so happy for you. It must be such a relief. Melinda
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    Great news for you and your boyfriend. Congratulations, sounds like you both are on your way to a long term affair with NED. My best to you both.

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    Congratulations, Jo! Thanks for sharing such great news.

    All my best,

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    What wonderful news! Don't you love the term "complete remission" (as well as "NED"). So happy for both of you.
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    Jo -

    Woo-HOOO! Congrats to you both - no doubt you are relieved and doing the happy dance.

    - SpongeBob
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    That sounds great Jo! Congrats to you and your boyfriend.

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    rthornton said:

    That sounds great Jo! Congrats to you and your boyfriend.


    Great stuff Jo! Congrats from OZ. Now go cuddles your man...give him a big sloppy kiss then treat yourselves to a meal at your favourite restaurant!Don't forget to put a glass on the table for your friends here to celebrate too. So happy for you both.
    cheers, Ross n Jen
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    Hi Joanne
    That is just brilliant news! I am so happy for you both and its also very encouraging for other stage 4's.