Radiation proctitis

I had a hysterectomy in 2003, a recurrence in 2004 that required chemo and radiation, internal and external. Radiation proctitis is a result of the radiation burning the lining in the rectum since the rectum and vagina are so close. It is extremely painful. I am presently using Canasa suppositories and they only help occasionally. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, do u have any pointers for me?


  • mis24
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    My rectal area was severely itchy!! i finally looked down there and seen that i had a burn..ouch! Nothing worked for me at all and i tried alot of different things..The one thing that did helped a wee bit was vaseline or babies bum cream lol....I have a 8mth old so i figured i would give it a try

    Good luck! i see this was posted a few weeks ago, so i hope u found something
  • Orchid65
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    I had radiation treatment in October of 2020 due to endometrial cancer. I was diagnosed with Radiation Proctitis in December 2022. I was told to try a sucralfate enema to treat the inflammation of the rectum. Does anyone have any information about administering the sucralfate enema?