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Hi my mom has stage 2 CC I was wondering if anybody has tried taking Essiac Herbal Tea while taking Chemo?


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    Hi Anneamrie, a woman I worked with mother had colon cancer and she drank Essiac Herbal Tea for a year. She hated the taste and her daughter would go over every morning and drink it with her so she didnt have to drink it on her own. The cancer stayed stable while she was on it. After a year she stoped because she couldnt take the taste anymore and within a month the cancer came back. I say its worth a shot. My dad wont drink it because of the taste. Melinda
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    hi there,

    I drank Essiac Tea as part of my protocol though I didn't do it while on chemo cuz I didn't do any chemo for my Stage 3 colon cancer.

    Also, I am surprised that your mom is having chemo as a stage 2. At the Mayo Clinic they do not recommend chemo for Stage 2 cc.

    Did you buy the Essiac Tea powder to make your own tea or is there some essiac herbal tea packet that you can buy? Just curious.

    I know this doesn't help, but just wanted you to know that I did drink the stuff. You only have to drink a little at a time (if you buy the powder and make it yourself). It's not the best tasting stuff but it is said to work so i tried it. I figured what did I have to lose?

    peace, emily who juiced instead of chemo!
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    I drank essaic tea while on chemo and then after I chose to stop chemo and try alternatives.

    I bought the powder and made my own. I only had to drink a few ounces at a time and to me it was a hell of a lot better then chemo!!!!!!!!! I am not sure which one of the many supplements helped me the most, all I know is I went from stage IV to NED after I stopped chemo. Also, essaic is great for the blood and is a good detoxing agent. It binds with nasty things within your body and escorts it out of your body.

    Lisa P.