What are you eating? after treatment

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Now that me treatment is over, I'm trying to loose some of the weight I gained. I'm eating more fruit and veggies, but there are things that still gross me out after chemo. Salad dressings all seem too strong. I love orange juice, but oranges are out (weird!) Has anyone else had these types of issues? What are you eating now that chemo is done?


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    Hi Jill,
    This seems very common. Chemotherapy and Radiation can screw with out taste buds! Some people can not eat fast food at all while on chemo or after, and some can't eat home made food while on chemo. There are alternatives to salad dressing, such as sqeezed lemon juice. There are many ways to eat veggies and fruits. The trick is to experiment and find what you like. Try having some healthy food at a fast food joint (oxymoron here). Try a chicken sandwhich and a diet coke. The bubbles in the soda may settle the stomach. Well, good luck with finding your food. Take care. God bless.
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    I have to admit I have had thing about food ever since. I had gained allot of weight over a 3 year period and after chemo quiting smoking. I have never really had hunger and 8 years later eat because it something I have to do. For years I found drinking my nutrition a relief thanks to boost and protien drinks.
    I love food that wasn't the problem just the juices weren't flowing is all. I had to remind myself to eat after drastically loosing weight with bowl problems and not eating much at all.
    I think one of my most drastic measures was getting active physically and now do labour intensive work in construction.
    Getting informed about a good sensable way of eating is the best that one can do and that usually encorporates allot of veggies and fruit and water. I always have looked at reducing processing in my diet and getting as fresh as I can.
    It does get better.