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Hi, My mom is treated first with chemo, then radiation , after chemo, she seems OK, without serious side effect, but when doing radiation, she
coughs more, doctor said its normal, and is one of the side effects, is that true?


  • MadelynJoe
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    Dear Tao:

    I assume your Mother is fighting lung cancer since this is a LC chat board.

    I am a 55 year-old Caucasian female who was diagnosed with LC in May 05, had lower R lobe removed in Jun 05 and then took 2 chemo treatments. Surgery got all detectable cancer and chemo was a precaution. I was truly blessed.

    My husband was treated for prostate cancer last year by 40 radiation treatments. While he did not have many problems, I believe that during my research on radiation that that excessive coughing was a symptom if treatment. Get on the net and do some research, there is an amazing amount of very helpful info out there.

    God bless you and your Mom.

    Best regards, Madelyn
  • BillDrake
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    I had 25 radiation treatments after removal of left lung. Chemo caused me way more trouble than radiation. I do remember coughing and sore throat being some side effrects late in the radiation treatment cycle. Things should get better when treatment is completed