6 weeks since surgery

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Hello Everyone. Your posting have been of great help to me and this is the first time I have decided to write, so please bare with me. The day before Thanksgiving my best friend who is my mother was diagnosed with Stage IIB colon cancer. Honestly, I don’t really even know what that means. What I do know is they did the surgery and got it out. It has been 6 weeks from the surgery and she is still having a lot of pain on the right side of where the incision was made. It does not hurt when she is laying down, but it is severe when she sits or stands. She can relieve a little of the pain if she puts pressure on it, but it is not a hernia. The surgeon has done blood work and it is not an infection, but he does not know what it can be. She started chemo yesterday despite the pain because she wants to get this all over with as soon as possible. The chemo went smooth, but she is so frustrated that six weeks after the surgery she can still not do simple things like walk to the end of our block. Did anyone else have this type of trouble after the surgery? How long did it take you to heal after the surgery? It is so frustrating not to have answers, but I guess that is just part of this whole process. Thanks for everything.


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    Hi there,

    I just had my surgery Dec. 20th 2005. I still have slight pain in the right side of the incision but the surgeon said it was normal. I get it when I exert myself too much. Hers doesn't sound like mine though. Did you ask about a scan to see what might be causing the pain? My surgeon also said that it might be because of straining when going to the bathroom for me. Sounds weird but I guess is the nature of the beast when talking about colon cancer...Is she going every day? If the current surgeon can not help maybe talk to her onc or another surgeon? I have Stage3 colon cancer and what you said just does not sound right. If she would like to e-mail, please tell her I would love to talk to her. Good luck and will be keeping her in my prayers.

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    Is the area that is in pain red and warm to the touch? If so, it could be an abscessed internal stitch.

    Lisa P.
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    hi, my mom had the surgery and she is fine now but she was vomitting about 2 weeks after her surgery because she was very constipated and her bowels were not working, she will occasionally complains that she still feels her scar now and again. It doesn't sound normal, she could have an upstruction in there.