Is depression normal?

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I had a lumpectomy, followed by radiation which ended early December. So why am I still terrified? I lay awake at 2am and wonder when and if it will return. I can not seem to get back in the swing of things. I have been drinking alot of wine to help calm me down......I realize this is not the answer. Has anyone out there been through this? Will this pass with time!? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Sarah06
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    Depression is normal, because you have so many life alterating decisions to make, and you can't help but always wonder if more cancer will come back. Keep doing self exam. Very important, that's how I found mine. Also get yourself checked every 6 months at a minimum. Consult your doctor on how often you should be seen.
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    Unfortunately depression and anxiety are very common to those diagnosed with breast cancer, so you are definitely not alone on this. The anxiety will most likely fade the further you get from the end of your treatment....but I don't think it ever completely disappears. I know each time I have a mystery pain or have my periodic checks/mammograms, the fear builds once more. It's something we all have to learn to live with, one way or another. Because the experience is still so recent for you, you might want to try joining a breast cancer support group for awhile - they can be extremely helpful. You could also see someone privately for a little while to talk out your fears. And then of course there are the many anti-depressants out there, which can be very helpful too. Know that you are not alone in this. Good luck to you.
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    I went through the very same thing following my treatment June'05. I was having anxiety attacks and was not able to sleep at night. It was horrible. I never thought I would be on anti-anxiety deprission pills, but I am. My doc. put me on Lexapro, I take them at night to help me sleep. It has stimulated my serotonin levels and has made my life a whole lot better. I was really driving myself crazy and with good cause I might say. I still am scared about recurrence, no one around me really understands, how could they...really. So thanks guys for being here. Prayers to all of us. Nina
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    Hi Wendy,
    Depression, anxiety, fear, panic, etc is all normal. These feelings can happen for a short while, or can continue for years. Many people have benefited from therapy and/or medicine. There are people who were paralyzed with fear, who finally recieved proper help, and are living a fulfilling life. Get the help you need. You will feel so much better! God bless.
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    I read that too much alchohol can elevate estrogen levels. My cancer was estrogen positive so I try to avoid alchohol.
    We are all fearful at times. I try to live in the NOW...I am okay right now and then I have a good night's sleep.
    A little bit of fear is good because it makes us more diligent.
    Please discuss your depression with your doctor. I feel depression under the circumstances is normal, but I do not know you.
    Take care!!!