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I am new to this site. My dad recently passed away cancer. Thinking about the wonderful care he received from the oncology nurses gives my family and me great comfort. The nurses were the ones we would go to with questions about my dad's treatment. I wonder why no one mentions these wonderful caring people who do so much good.
Does anybody have any experiences they can share?


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    Dear Janet:

    I am very sorry to read of the passing of your Dad.

    I am a LC survivor(7 months and no trace of disease) and I have many nice things to say about my oncology nurses. I was treated at The West Clinic (Memphis, TN) and one nurse in particular (Angela, Masters of Science in Nursing) was a God-send for me.

    Unfortunately, I am VERY sensitive to most medications and chemo made me gravely ill. I truly believe if it had not been for her care and compassion that I would not be here now. Five days after my second chemo, my red blood count went down to .8 - normal is 10-12. I went to see Angela every day for a week and she never waivered in her care and compassion.

    I told her (and my oncologist) recently how wonderful, compassionate and talented she is. I want her to have recognition for being so good at what she does.

    Hope you like this story. I lost my Mom to LC 16 years ago so I know what you are going through right now. Keep the faith, life does get better.

    Best regards, Madelyn
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    One of the few "good things" about having cancer is the exceptional people you meet. Surley they are special humanbeings!
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    Hi Janet. I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad. I also wish to thank you for reminding me (us) about our oncology nurses. Far and away, I think that they are the most compassionate, caring, understanding, talented and gentle group of nurses. I have had care through many good nurses in other environments, but in the oncology environment, these nurses seem to be angels. Every day, these nurses deal with one of the most devastating diseases, and they do so with a cheerfullnes and a positive attitude, often finding room for humor. They are so important to the treatment which they administer on behalf of the doctors. I would never be able to do the job, for one day, that they have chosen as their life's work. God Bless Them!