Maintenace Chemo

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Oncologist wants to do a year maintenance on just Taxol. He said there is no hard evidence that this prolongs recurrence time. What should I do?

Would I not be better off getting my body strong in case there is a recurrence?

Do any of you known about this 12 months maintenance study?


  • creemy
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    What is maintenance chemo? Are your tests still showing cancer? I would not do chemo w/out evidence of cancer, especially a year's worth! Mine recurred in the pelvic lymph nodes. I joined a study w/ Duke University, I got Taxotere for 3 doses, then when I showed no improvement, I got carboplatin for 6 doses ( every 3 wks ). My CA125 is down to 8! I had a scan today so I'll know more next week. Get in touch w/me if you want more info.
  • BonnieR
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    I know lots of women who have done maintenance taxol for a year. Some have never recurred adn some have. I wish it would have been offered to me when I was done with my first round of chemo.

    Prayers your way. May the answer to what is right for you be loud and clear.

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    Hi, I just wanted to touch base with you, I am taking maintenace chemo my doc told me pretty much the same thing but you know what, if we don't try we'll never know now will we! keep up the good fight. I am there for ya sister!!!
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    The clinical trials on the 12 mo.Taxol (maintenance) were positive. My wife did it after getting into remission with 6 carbo/taxol. She had a recurrence about 10 months after finishing the maintenace Taxol.