increased cea

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Hi all, i have not been posting recently but i do read these posts each and every single day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day and i continue to pray for all of us.

my dad continues to do well, he is due for scans tomorrow and once again, as usual, i am sick worrying about it. Today he had his cea levels done and i'm a bit concerned. this past november the cea level was 0.7 and today it was 1.1!!!! Should i be worried???? - even though i am worrying already!!!

Thanks for any replies



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    Hi Susana, I know exactly how you feel. Everytime my dad goes for his cat scans Im sick with worry. Then you dread making the phone call to see how it went because your so scared its not going to be good. My dads CEA was high while he was going through his chemo and the dr said not to worry and his tumors where shrinking at the time. So it doesnt always mean bad news when they rise. I hope all is well with hime. Keep us posted. Mindy
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    Hi Susanna, I think the change could be something as easy to explain as variation from the blood test. From what I see written, anything under 3.0 is within the normal range. I can understand your fears and frustration. Mine went up a bit with my last bloodwork to about 2.0, but I am hoping for the best. Take care and ask your dad's doc about it. All the best to you both - Maura
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    Hi Susana,

    I know how you feel. I've been there, we all have. My moms cea was 1.0 before her rectal (stage 3) surgery and after her surgery and chemo the highest it went so far was 2 but then went back down to 1.1 then 1.5. I really wouldn't worry about the cea. Stay postive!

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    I agree with all of the other comments. The CEA below 3 is normal. How he's feeling is more important I think than numbers anyway
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    Hi Susana,

    I also think that one's CEA can "bounce" around a bit, but anything below 3 is fine. Try not to worry.

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    Hi Susana. My wife has been off treatment (yea!!) since April, '05, and getting the blood tests done every 8 weeks. Her CEA has been seeing a steady rise also (from less that 1, it's now just over 3). She had a PET scan done, and it wasn't able to detect any activity. The oncologist explained to us that factors other than cancer can cause CEA to increase, such as resipiratory inflammations (even minor ones). CA 125 can increase due to gastro-inflammations. The oncologist tried to ease our minds and didn't appear to be disturbed over the blood results. I tend to believe her because she's been pretty aggressive in the past with treatments.

    Bottom line: these counts can fluctuate. Until something shows up on a scan, and, even though it's very understandable that you're concerned right now, try not to let it get in the way of enjoying the life that's in front of you. You guys could easily get to enjoy long lives thumbing your noses at fluctuating CEA levels!!!

    Take care. Jimmy