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hey Lisa,

I have been trying to respond to your email but the service says it's not recognizing your name???? Which is so goofy since you have sent me emails.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my oncologist who was very supportive of me even with my decision to not take the chemo, but with every visit still advised me to do it. Even though I was NED, he encourged me to do the chemo. I continued to decline. It just wasn't right for me. I knew it in my bones. Besides, I was more scared of the chemo than I was of the cancer. I watched what chemo and radiation did to my sister 13 years previous to my dx. she died a horrible agonizing death from intestinal cancer when she was only 33.

So back to my oncologist.....he quickly changed his tune when he was dx'ed with colon cancer 3 years ago. I gave him a book list of Alternative Medicine good reads and his wife went out and bought them. Not only that, he actually read them!!!!


This is from my oncologist at a world-renowned prestigious clinic. The tables were turned on him and he was in agreement with me that juicing works.

The other thing I wanted to ask you is what kind of juicer did you purchase? I want to advise you that it's not worth the money to purchase a cheap one. It will get a prime work-out if you are doing the normally recommended CURATIVE amount of juice and you do not want to have a crummy juicer.

Many of us have Champions but from my research the best on the market (recommended by the Juicing Gurus, The Gerson Institute, is the Norwalk Juicer. It's pricey so for me the Champion was the way to go. I had a JuiceMan Juicer but it was harder to clean and I didn't get as much juice output per produce as I do with my Champ.

Ok, well, remember the Flax Seed for fiber and Green powders for added PUNCH!

keep me posted.

peace, emily who wears her unique shade of orange with pride