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Hi I am curious if anyone has heard of or tried ReLiv? it is a suppliment shake and I have heard it works great. My friends Aunt had Liver cancer and was given 6 months she tried this stuff and the cancer is gone and she is doing great. It sounds to good to be true and I am desperate cause western Med is working for me. I trust my friend and I met his Aunt but still I am nervous has anyone heard anything about this stuff? Any advise before I spend the money? Please help I am so confused and overwhelmed


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    I just did a search on ReLiv and found a warning letter that was sent to ReLiv from the FDA. It dealt with one of their products called ARTHAFFECT. I doubt this is the product you are referring to but it made me suspecious of the company. The URL is
    Just be careful.
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    Reliv is a nutritional supplement that will feed an individual's body so the body will have the "fuel" to heal itself. The formulas are developed by microbiologist's who combine the ingredients in a manner that allow them to be absorbed by the body almost immediately. My husband and I have been taking the products for nearly two years and have had great results. Mine have been more energy, control of IBS, decreased cholesterol and less joint discomfort. My husband has had improved eye vision beyond what his ophamologist thought possible, decreased cholesterol and no more joint pain.
    Is it a cure - no, what it does is give your body the potential to heal.
    If you would like further info, please contact me. I would be glad to assist you or answer any questions you might have.
    With repect to cancer, Reliv has been used by many folks with cancer. I am aasociated with a nurse who has worked with doctors to help people receive the nutrition they need to assist in their healing. Is it a "magic cure" - no, certainly not. It is an adjunct that a person can use to optimize their health and well being. Your friend's aunt is a wonderful example of this.