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Boston Legal

Just wondering if any of you seen the episode of Boston Legal that aired on ABC on Jan 10th, and what your reaction was? The episode stared Michael J Fox as stage IV RICH patent that bought his was into a clinical trail and was being sued by another terminal stage patent. I would like to hear your reactions as “real life” lung cancer survivors. Also FYI the producers had a chance to run a PSS on lung cancer from the Lung Cancer Alliance, But they rejected it!

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    I didn't see the episode in question, but as a lung cancer survivor, originally dx'd as inoperable/incurable, I would definitely have resented someone buying their way into a clinical trial, if it meant that I couldn't participate. Qualifying for clinical trials is difficult enough without having to compete for a spot with someone who would buy their way in. But this raises a whole set of questions, because, when we are diagnosed, are we not all desperate? Given similar circumstances, if I had the financial means, and the opportunity, would I buy my way into a clinical trial? Given my experience with cancer, and the desperation it caused, I have to be honest and say that I probably would. (What a can of worms this is!!) Would that be ethical???? To paraphrase the Bible, - "Let he/she among us who is without sin cast the first stone". Would it really be possible to buy into a clinical trial??? Thankfully, this is all hypothetical. I wish that I had seen that program. Regarding the "PSS" from the lung cancer alliance, would you please elaborate.