Nscls 3B with mutation

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I have cll that is remission and now I have NSCLC stage 3B. Have meeting with doc in three weeks. Want to know if anyone knows about a extra chemo drug that only works if the tumor has some sort of mutation. Doc said no sug or rad., outlook is 10 months. However if cancer has a mutation then he can use an additional drug that only works when the mutation is present and it will extend outlook to 22 months. The test for the mutation is experimental since insurance doesn't cover it. I had a malignant pleural effusion which was treated on 1/06/06 by thoracentesis and a pleurodesis. Does anyone know about this type of treatment for 3B NSCLC? They are also testing my blood for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) for some reason. Will find out all answers in three weeks, but can't wait. HELP!! Would like to know drug names


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    Hi there. My father was diagnosed with nsclc in august 05 and received 4 doses of chemo taxol/carbo with great results. He too had a pleural effusion but chemo took care of that. While taking chemo he was and still is on a clinical trial that inhibits endothelial growth factor (basically cuts off the blood supply to the tumor), the chemo is done and he remains on the drug with hopes that the drug alone will continue to shrink the tumor. You should go on the website for the national cancer institute and look under clinical trials for lung cancer, this is a new line of drugs that are being tested. Hope this helps.