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Thanks (Many) to all of you who responded to my recent musings about my career and surviving cancer. There may not be a perfect answer, but it feels so good to know that many of you are going through, or went through, the same emotions. That is why these sites are so very important for us survivors. When i first returned to work after cancer 6 years ago i became so overwhelmed by the conflicting emotions of surviving cancer and the future of uncertainty-together with a difficult job. I found an on-line survivor group who frankly saved my sanity, if not my life. You guys just did it again. Today I feel ready to at least prepare for change in my life down the road. I really liked Nanuk's advice, "God won't care about the # of criminal you sent to jail." I will let you know how things are going, and will be here to offer advice and support to anyone who needs it. Thanks again survivors and "Carpe Diem"!